Shooting Season 1 Is Over

So shooting season 1 is over, and what a ride it was. Being a part of the OLU crew was really awesome. I may not have enjoyed it at the time (like spending the night on the street on a cold rainy night with no blankets), but looking back I had so much fun doing it. I think the thing that I am most blown away with is God’s ability to move through people as long as they are willing. When we first started shooting the TV show we weren’t the most experienced team. But when I watch the show on TV and I see the final product I can see the hand of God all over it. The other night I was watching an episode and it had the ‘Break Dancing Made Easy’ commercial on it. I was laughing so incredibly hard. But then it made me sad because the main actor (Andy) was my roommate and he just went back to school in Delaware and had to move out. Part of me is happy for him, and part of me wants him to flunk out and move back to NC.