A Good Friend

If I’m not careful, sometimes I’ll end up hanging around some not-so-nice people. Now, I don’t intend to make friends with the wrong crowd; it just so happens that I make a lot of them and I’m not the best judge of who makes the best of friends. That’s why I trust in what God says about the friends we make!

In our episode on Godly relationships, we talked about how the people we hang out with the most have a big influence over our lives.

Think about it! When was the last time you got into trouble because you were hanging around people that normally get into trouble? 1 Corinthians 15:33 says that bad company corrupts good morals. And the truth is that no matter how good our intentions are, keeping around people with bad intentions does rub off on us.

Or, what about a time when someone who generally does good things ended up leading you to do good things, too? It’s kind of like two goods making each other better! Iron sharpening iron! That’s why I always try to surround myself around Godly people to help me stay closer to God.

Godly people are some of the best friends that we can have, and with these great relationships, we can be those best friends for others. Because there are lots of people in our community and in the world who need good, Godly friends!