The weather in North Carolina is crazy. I love that we normally have four distinct seasons here, but we often go back and forth between temperatures quite a bit even within one season. Take Christmas, for example: this year we had a 70-degree Christmas instead of a white Christmas. But this past week or so, the weather has finally decided to be cold.

And by cold, I mean the high has been in the 30s the past couple of days. No thanks.

I don’t love having to put on our air conditioning in the winter, but I also don’t love not being able to feel my hands as soon as I walk outside. Soooo instead of being a winter Scrooge (one of the things I’m trying to do this year is work on not complaining), I decided I’d write about all the fun things to do in cold weather.

  1. Drink hot chocolate. Even better if you can melt a candy cane in there. Or drink hot apple cider. Drink any kind of sweet, hot drink really.
  2. Bundle up in fun scarves, hats, gloves, boots, etc. Just be ready to get shocked every time you touch anything because STATIC!
  3. Go sledding. Ok, this part of NC isn’t really known for getting much snow, but there were flurries a couple days ago! I have hope that at some point this winter we’ll get the snow needed to go sledding (which is like 1/2 inch around here).
  4. Make a big pot of soup. There are certain people in my house (ahem) who don’t think that soup is real food, but I love soup! And cold weather is the perfect excuse to make a big pot of hot soup.
  5. Watch movies. Inside. On the couch. With blankets. Where it’s warm. The arctic temperatures outside just make you appreciate being toasty and snuggly inside :).

For those reading from cold snowy places, let us know what you do to survive the winter blues! Or if you’re reading from somewhere that never gets cold, enjoy the warmth but feel free to pretend it’s cold and go drink some peppermint hot chocolate!