My first blog post

Well guys, you are all a part of history. You are reading the very first “blog” entry ever written by yours truly. I have lots of friends, no names here, who have made quite the hobby out of blogging…I guess I’m a little bit late. But hey, that’s what this year has been all about…trying new things.

I know it’s probably hard to tell, but I have…well…never worked in a TV show before. Honestly, this was a lot different than I ever expected. Working to create TV OneLife was certainly challenging, and pushed me in a number of different ways. I’d say one of the hardest parts is just trying to be real on camera. Whenever the cameras are turned on and rolling, all of a sudden I feel all this pressure, to ‘be myself’ that everything becomes very awkward.

A lot of our shoots for various episodes put me in uncomfortable positions, doing things that I didn’t want to do, and asking people questions that I didn’t really want to ask. Putting myself in a position where I was really pushed out of my comfort zone helped show me a lot about myself. When I get pushed, and stressed, that’s when my true emotions come out. On several occasions, the result was disappointing. However, it has helped me a lot to observe myself and the way I act from another perspective (through a camera, or from a producer’s comments). It’s given me a chance to evaluate my attitude, and work to improve the way I interact with people, and handle difficult situations. Overall, I think I’m a lot better off because of it!