Goat herding

Sorry everybody…no history today. This is my second blog, and I guess that makes me a professional by now, or at least a semi-pro. The closest I got to making history today was watching an episode of Rob and Big, and watching Rob break like 21 skateboarding records from the Guinness Book of World Records. Which actually inspired me, and I want to find an obscure record to try and break. So if you have any suggestions of a fun world record that you think I could break (or you think would be funny to watch me try and break…please let me know!!!!). Oh, if it’s the record for the longest jump while riding a tiger bare-backed…forget it.

I’ve been watching some of TV OneLife on a few different networks here and there when I’m not at school, or at work…or playing disc golf. (just in case you were wondering…which I know you weren’t, but that’s okay…I finally shot an entire round at even par on our local disc golf course!!). Something I’ve noticed while watching the show is that our producers are very nice. It’s fun to watch the final cuts of these shows and I just have to smile at all the dumb things I did that didn’t make the show. All the times when I said something stupid, or ran into something, or tripped and fell, or looked dumb, or forgot what I was even doing…that never made it to the final show…well, THANKS! I know I don’t give them much to work with, but I’m glad they at least attempt to make us look decent, and find the few things that I said well.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the episode with our goat herding adventure yet, if you haven’t…you need to keep an eye out for it. I just watched that segment, and could not stop laughing. I think about the day we were on location to shoot that challenge. We had to get up waaaaayyy too early to drive to the middle of nowhere onto this farm, so I was really tired, which means I was really grumpy. But then we finally got let loose in the field with all the goats, and it was so much fun running around with them. I know in the episode it looks like we got the goats corralled in like 5 minutes, but it probably took closer to half an hour to get all the goats and chickens in. By the time we finished we were all hot and sweaty and tired, and probably smelled like goats (by probably…I mean absolutely) but I was in such a great mood. It’s amazing what a little exercise can do to lift your spirits (oh, and running around with some really goofy goats too). What’s the moral of the story? Go get your friends together and chase your neighbor’s goats!?! Just kidding! No, but if it’s a nice day…get up and go do something…it’ll be worth it!

(try disc golf…)