NRB Convention

So this week I went to the NRB Convention in Nashville, TN. It was a lot of fun to walk around and talk to all the TV networks about TVOneLife, but I have to say my favorite moment came at a time I least expected it. James Dobson held a luncheon on Tuesday and right before it a bunch of people were taking pictures with him. So Sean told me it would be fun to take a picture with him that we could put up on the website or on myspace. I agreed and our quest began. So I worked my way through the crowd to James Dobson (or The Dob as we like to call him) and right as I was getting ready to tap him on the shoulder to ask if I could get a picture a bunch of news crews surrounded him and began to interview him. At this point I was standing maybe six inches away from The Dob, so I (since I do a lot of work with TV, haha) could tell that I was also in the camera’s shot. So I was faced with a decision, what do you do at this point? Do you run away and get out of the way of the camera? Do you act goofy and make silly faces? So many choices. What did I do? I decided to sit there and stare at The Dob and be interested in what he was saying. And then after the interview was over I finally got my picture with him. But that isn’t the end of the story… when we got back to the hotel later and were watching the local news, a story came on about the NRB, and in the story was a piece on the James Dobson interview. And right there next to The Dob, as if a bodyguard or something, was me. We all were laughing so hard we almost fell off our beds. So I decided to see if anyone had put up this footage on youtube, or anywhere on the internet, not really expecting much since the story had just aired. But to my surprise someone had posted the entire interview with James Dobson uncut, all three and a half (or so) minutes of it. After we saw that I don’t think we stopped laughing for ten minutes. We never imagined going to take a picture for fun would turn out so well. So you can go to youtube and see the video, just search for ‘James Dobson in Nashville’.

But in other news, we should have some really cool news soon about the NRB and more networks that you will be able to watch TVOneLife on. So be on the look out because TVOneLife may be invading a TV near you very soon!!