The Struggles of Being a Sports Fan

Every fall I get super excited about the return of football season. The stretch from February to mid-September with no football is painful. As the season approaches, thoughts start to creep into my head. Thoughts like, “I think we have made some pretty good moves this offseason,” or “this could be the year we turn it around,” or “there should be no way that we miss the playoffs.” I have taught myself over the years to not dwell on those thoughts. Unfortunately, the teams I pull for have a certain way of crushing my hopes. Continue reading

Snow Day

Winter has finally come to North Carolina.  Last Sunday we had our first “winter storm” which was really just a little bit of sleet.  Today we are supposed to have another winter storm.  I think snow is fun to be in, but in North Carolina it is also kind of annoying.  People in North Carolina panic when there is even the slightest hint that there may be snow.  They rush to the grocery store and buy all the milk and bread, and then go home and get bunkered down like it is the end of the world.  But I think the worst part is that North Carolinians don’t know how to drive in a winter storm. Continue reading

A New Perspective

Last week I had the chance to go with the team to Israel.  My expectations for the trip were really high, and they were all exceeded.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many places so far in my life, but none of them was as life changing as Israel.  Being in Israel brought the Bible to life to me in a whole new way. Continue reading

Facebook Is Taking Over the World

Today Apply announced the iPhone 5 and iOS6.  One of the big features of iOS6 is Facebook integration.   Now when you take a cool picture, or read a good article on your iPhone or iPod you won’t have to switch to your Facebook app to post it.  You will be able to post to Facebook from the other apps.  Facebook will go from being just an app to being completely woven into the device. Continue reading

My New Favorite Tunes

August and September are shaping up to have some monster music releases in them.  As I’ve discussed before, I am a music junkie, so it is rare that I can resist buying an album of an artist I like the day they release it.  Here are some notable new and upcoming releases. Continue reading

Eu Não Falo Português

We are only weeks away from the mission trip to Brazil and I am getting excited.  I did not get to Peru last summer and have been itching to go on a mission trip since.  This will be my sixth mission trip and I think I am just as excited as the first time I went.  This is probably because I will never get bored with sharing Jesus with other people. Continue reading

Pack Rat

This Saturday I am moving.  I have lived in my current house for six and half years, so I have acquired a lot of stuff.  It has been quite the process sorting through all my stuff.  I am sort of a pack rat.  And by sort of I really mean I am.  I am not as bad as the people you see on the TV show Hoarders, but I do hold on to a bunch of random stuff I have no use for. Continue reading

Breaking Bones Not Hearts

I’ll make this post a little like a choose your own adventure book.  I have some good news and some bad news I am going to share.  If you would like the good news before the bad, jump to the “Good” section and read it.  Then go back and read the “Bad” section and then finish with “End”.  If you would like the bad news before the good, just read this blog straight through as your normally would.  If you really want to make it really interesting, start with “End” and then read the other two sections in any order.  The choices are yours and yours alone, who’s going first? Continue reading

Coffee Cake = Delicious, Coffee = Not So Much

I can’t stand the taste of coffee.  If you ever say that to a coffee drinker they always reply with, “It’s an acquired taste.”  My usual response is, “Well it’s one I don’t care to acquire.”  People have often tried to get me to taste stuff by telling me that I would barely be able to taste the coffee in it.  I would always be able to taste it, and it was usually the aftertaste I was left with.  So I just would avoid coffee.  If I needed a caffeine fix, I would just drink soda. Continue reading

Metamorphosis of a Cowardly Lion

Today at church Pastor Sean said something really awesome. He said that courage is not a feeling. If you are waiting to feel courageous it will never happen. When he said that it made me think. It made perfect sense. I think back on my life and there has never been a time where I went into something feeling very courageous.

Continue reading