No Compromising

Sometimes, we can be in situations that call for us to make a choice of whether to live for God or to live for this world. In our interview with Tenth Avenue North, lead singer Mike Donehey has some great words of wisdom about compromise and a relationship with God.

As humans, we’re far from being invincible against worldly influences, but we’re created to find fulfillment in God! Mike says that we’re learning every day how to stop looking to worldly things and God’s creation for fulfillment.

I have to catch myself sometimes because I like to do good things and to be a cool person, and the attention delivers a very small reward. A Bible verse that helps me is Colossians 3:23-24. It says to work hard in everything that we do, as if we were working for God and not for man. Because the greatest reward comes from Him.

Bands like Tenth Avenue North are inspirational, because they’re faced with the struggle of compromise in the midst of so many musical artists that bring songs to the world. These guys have the choice to recycle worldly influence or to deliver Godly influence. And because of their relationship with God, they choose not to compromise their music for the world.

Check out their positive, encouraging music and watch their full interview on TV One Life!