Exploding Cars

So you know how in movies whenever a car starts smoking, it means that it is literally moments away from blowing up?

Well sometimes I forget that movies aren’t real life; in fact, the tv show ‘Mythbusters’ has shown that it is REALLY hard to blow up a car. But sometimes I forget all about science and logic and whatnot. One night not too long ago, I thought my car was about to blow up. But let me start from the beginning… Continue reading

Slow and Steady Wins the Water Race!

Good, better, best! Never let it rest! Until your good is your better, and your better is your best!

That’s what my elementary school teacher would tell me when I was just about to give up on something. It’s catchy, and I never forgot it! Never giving up is key to being the best you, and in our episode on consistency, we get to see the good, the bad… and the super-soaked side of hard work.

Caution: You may want to bring shampoo and soap if you’re doing this challenge! Continue reading