Faith’s Amazing Summer

This summer (and the start of fall) has been a little weird for me. I worked a couple of weeks at a Design Camp (for graphic design) for the first time which was SO MUCH FUN, I wasn’t able to go on a missions trip for the first time in eight years, and now, I am taking my first English-based class (actually three of them, to be exact) in two years. Continue reading

Exploding Cars

So you know how in movies whenever a car starts smoking, it means that it is literally moments away from blowing up?

Well sometimes I forget that movies aren’t real life; in fact, the tv show ‘Mythbusters’ has shown that it is REALLY hard to blow up a car. But sometimes I forget all about science and logic and whatnot. One night not too long ago, I thought my car was about to blow up. But let me start from the beginning… Continue reading


This semester is going to be interesting.

I’m taking 3D-Design, Film History Since 1940, Logic, and Screenwriting.

I also have been given the amazing opportunity to intern at Trailblazer Studios which does a ton of post-production (editing and the likes).

Why do I tell you this?

Because it’s all about stories! Continue reading

Philosophy Class and Bumblebees

So, I like school.

Shocker, I know. But I do…I find it interesting to learn new things and ideas. I’m pretty much up for learning anything – provided that the teacher is good (although biology, history, and geography are not my strong points…but that’s a topic for later discussion). Continue reading