Crazy weather

Okay, so the weather has been ALL over the place this year. Some days you see us and it’s sunny and warm. Other days it’s just down right freezing, and moving up here from Florida it’s amazing. Haha…some days when it’s really cold people up here are wearing you know…shoes, winter coats, long sleeves, etc… where I’m wearing (true fact) flip flops, maybe a zip-up jacket, and jeans with holes. Haha, yes I am crazy. Nuff about that. We are almost done shooting season 2 and it’s been really an amazing experience for me. I think they should call this season “Torture Becky Season”. Here’s a little hint – I would put myself in situations that whatever I did – it sorta backfired on me. Haha. So tune in for season 2 and watch for those moments. 🙂