I love Fall

Okay, summer is about to end and fall is right around the corner. I love fall – last year was my first fall in a long time. I was so excited I wanted to rake leaves up and jump in them (that was something I had never done before)! Let’s just say when word got out that I wanted to do so…I was invited to people’s houses to rake their leaves – haha. Continue reading

Wheel barrow race

Hurrrray, Season 2 is airing!!!! The wheel barrow race was pretty hard because Justin (my partner) and I didn’t know our way around NCSU. So Nick and Josh had an advantage cause they both went to that school. But lo and behold Justin and I caught up, and ended up winning in the end. Hope you liked the chocolate on my face (not a big fan of it)…kinda looked like I had a Unibrow there haha.



Okay, so my roommate Megan introduced me to the world of Smallville a couple weeks ago. Hmmmmm….as Nick likes to call it “A Superman soap opera” – hahaha. Ahhhh and it’s so addicting – like LOST! As a girl I guess it’s normal for me to drool over Smallville’s Clark Kent. As I sit here now writing this I am watching it (already on season 2) and every time Clark and Lona get together I’m just like “kisssssss her already!!!!”. A customer came into work last week and told me about the show and how he is on season 8 and Clark still isn’t flying…but he didn’t say anything else cause I didn’t want him to spoil the show. So, if you’ve been watching the show – I hope it’s all you and I hoped it to be.


Crazy weather

Okay, so the weather has been ALL over the place this year. Some days you see us and it’s sunny and warm. Other days it’s just down right freezing, and moving up here from Florida it’s amazing. Haha…some days when it’s really cold people up here are wearing you know…shoes, winter coats, long sleeves, etc… where I’m wearing (true fact) flip flops, maybe a zip-up jacket, and jeans with holes. Haha, yes I am crazy. Nuff about that. We are almost done shooting season 2 and it’s been really an amazing experience for me. I think they should call this season “Torture Becky Season”. Here’s a little hint – I would put myself in situations that whatever I did – it sorta backfired on me. Haha. So tune in for season 2 and watch for those moments. 🙂


My favorite phrase

Becky's Pouty Face

(no that is not really me)

So my favorite phrase on the tv show is: _________________!

A. Not cool.
B. Well, it’s definitely harder then it looks.
C. *Pouty face
D. All of the above!


First time driving in the snow

Haha…Okay, so today was a very interesting day for me. I tried driving in the snow for the first time ever in my life (not a good idea if you don’t have 4-wheel drive). All I can say is Cowabunga dude! Snow is extremely unsafe to drive in but also a blast. I was swerving and sliding all over the road… It was all exciting until my brakes locked on me when I was turning into my driveway and there was a car turning as well in front of me and I was skidding toward him. I almost hit him but luckily got control in the nick of time. Yeah that would not have been cool…with that in mind: Drive safe!


Christmas road trips

So this Christmas was a interesting one for me. It wasn’t really much of a Christmas for me. More like road trips! I went to Florida, Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina in a matter of 2 weeks. I’m talking more then 50 hours of driving. Yes I drove! What a killer. I spent time with family I haven’t seen in over 10 years (that was Ah-maze-ing). Friends I’ve been away from for far to long. *sigh. It was nice. On Christmas day one of my cousins got tickets to the Bears vs. Houston game…I was jealous! Yes I love football (I’m a HUGE Bears fan – Da Bears!) man, oh man! So I am tired and ready for a week of rest when I get home or maybe a full week of work. Urgh.


Hooked on LOST

Moving up to North Carolina has got me hooked on the show “LOST”! Never heard of it until I moved up here and when I started watching the show…I would get people saying “oh…you’re not at that part where Jack Dies!” or “Kate and Hurley get together” Urghh…they would drive me insane. Now that season 4 is out on DVD I’m still trying to catch up before season 5 comes out on tv. I’m lost in “LOST”. Sometimes I wish in life that’s how we were with God though. You know some people have never heard of Him or they’re not really interested. I wish I could go up to someone and be like “Hey! Jesus is awesome, check Him out!” and they’d be like “Woah! thanks dude…I going to do that right now” and get hooked. But He really is that way. Like moths are attracted to light, so should we be attracted to The Light!