NC Snow

Here in North Carolina, it is time for the ‘snow’ conversations to begin. These stories are spread and exaggerated like fishing stories.. I turn on the news and it says we are going to finally get some snow (I’m not holding my breath). Then later the news says 2-4 inches! (still not holding my breath). Then they say, 6 inches!! schools are closed!! (now we’re talking…but still, I’ll believe it when I see it). Well, now it’s the morning of the ‘big storm’ and I’m expecting the usual, no snow…just rain. So I open the window and what do I see? 4 inches of snow, and I have to be honest…I’m quite surprised. So naturally, I get all bundled up and head outside; me and my roommates feel obligated to build a snowman (that’s what you’re supposed to do right?). Apparently nobody in the neighborhood felt it was necessary, and we were the only ones building. So we built a snowman, but didn’t stop there…we had to make up for the entire block. That’s when we got carried away; we found huge buckets and crates and started building walls and towers of snow (like a giant sand castle). Now our snowman was protected by 4 foot walls of impenetrable ice and snow…muahaha. (until the dog jumped on the wall and caused a big collapse). Either way, today, on this snow day, with the snowman and his fortress complete…I have accomplished everything that I needed to do.