Christmas road trips

So this Christmas was a interesting one for me. It wasn’t really much of a Christmas for me. More like road trips! I went to Florida, Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina in a matter of 2 weeks. I’m talking more then 50 hours of driving. Yes I drove! What a killer. I spent time with family I haven’t seen in over 10 years (that was Ah-maze-ing). Friends I’ve been away from for far to long. *sigh. It was nice. On Christmas day one of my cousins got tickets to the Bears vs. Houston game…I was jealous! Yes I love football (I’m a HUGE Bears fan – Da Bears!) man, oh man! So I am tired and ready for a week of rest when I get home or maybe a full week of work. Urgh.


1.5 sizes too small

As our shooting schedule for the season 2 OLU challenges comes to a close, the weather has been making a dramatic turn. It seems like not long ago we were out in the sun, riding around on the lake enjoying the comfortable North Carolina climate. Then all of a sudden, it turned to winter, which has brought some of our final shoots indoors. We just finished shooting another extremely exciting challenge which brought us to the area’s craziest indoor go-kart facility. For all the details, you will have to tune in, but I can tell you it was a blast. However, I’ve noticed a trend developing for season 2….the 1 ½ sizes too small TVOL jumpsuit. Yes that’s right, with a go-kart racing challenge came a wonderful blue racing jumpsuit….that was, you guessed it, about 1 ½ sizes too small for me. Not to be outdone by the racing jumpsuit is my miracle patrol jumpsuit which is also, yes…about 1 ½ sizes too small (and currently sports a broken zipper). So buckle up and get ready for some high-water jumpsuits that get nowhere near reaching my feet! Now that I think about it, most of my clothes seem to be 1 ½ sizes too small…or maybe I’m just too tall; either way, be sure to check out all the fun with season 2 of TVOneLife!!!


It’s Christmastime

It is Christmastime once again but here in North Carolina it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Right now as I am typing this the windows in my house are open because the weather is not cold at all. Usually you picture this time of year sitting around a fire and drinking hot chocolate. But this year I am wearing shorts and I’d rather have a glass of cold chocolate milk. This year I decided I was going to go shopping the day after thanksgiving, or Black Friday as it is known. The sales that the stores have are soooo good!!! I got some amazing deals on some presents I was getting for people (and some for myself, haha). One thing that amazed me more than anything though was how crazy people got. It was like a battle to the death for some people to get items. They were ditching their shopping cart, running around, cutting people off, yelling at people, and snatching things off of shelves just to get them. You would think the world was going to end if they didn’t get that big screen TV they were trying to get. I guess they wanted a story to go along with the gift. “You don’t know what I want through to get this.. I had to get in line at 3 am, sprint through the doors, ditch my shopping cart after 10 feet, hurdle a small child, and dive to grab the last box on the shelf, so I hope you enjoy it!” But I hope everyone out there has a very merry Christmas and remembers that the best gift of all is Jesus- so make sure you give him to everyone you know that needs Him. This is the perfect time to share His love with everyone!! And here is my gift to you: a very special exclusive TVOneLife season 2 update!! We are finishing the OLU stuff this weekend and then the only thing left to shoot are a few spoof skits. Then season 2 is off to the editing room and one step closer to being on your TV!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!