1.5 sizes too small

As our shooting schedule for the season 2 OLU challenges comes to a close, the weather has been making a dramatic turn. It seems like not long ago we were out in the sun, riding around on the lake enjoying the comfortable North Carolina climate. Then all of a sudden, it turned to winter, which has brought some of our final shoots indoors. We just finished shooting another extremely exciting challenge which brought us to the area’s craziest indoor go-kart facility. For all the details, you will have to tune in, but I can tell you it was a blast. However, I’ve noticed a trend developing for season 2….the 1 ½ sizes too small TVOL jumpsuit. Yes that’s right, with a go-kart racing challenge came a wonderful blue racing jumpsuit….that was, you guessed it, about 1 ½ sizes too small for me. Not to be outdone by the racing jumpsuit is my miracle patrol jumpsuit which is also, yes…about 1 ½ sizes too small (and currently sports a broken zipper). So buckle up and get ready for some high-water jumpsuits that get nowhere near reaching my feet! Now that I think about it, most of my clothes seem to be 1 ½ sizes too small…or maybe I’m just too tall; either way, be sure to check out all the fun with season 2 of TVOneLife!!!