A couple weeks ago, we spent a few days on tour with Silverline, and we had a lot of fun! We were shooting an episode for season 5, so make sure you don’t miss when that comes out in a few months. Also, if you don’t know Silverline’s music, check them out at silverlinemusic.com. They’re good guys with a heart for telling young people about Jesus. I think the thing that stood out to me the most through talking to them was the message of hope that we need to share with the world.

I asked the guys from Silverline what problem they encounter most often when talking to youth, and they said they talk to a lot of people who are suicidal or depressed or cut themselves—people without hope. So it got me thinking about why hope is so important.

Hope is the expectation or desire for something to happen. It’s a feeling of trust. People without hope have no expectation that their situation will get better. There’s no reason to continue trying and no point in dreaming. While hope can make any situation bearable, hopelessness is like the breaking point. I’m not sure we can survive without hope.

So what kind of hope can we give people? I think there’s probably a lot of misplaced hope out there. People hope that other people will be there for them, that their own abilities will bring them success, that nothing bad will ever happen. And then they’re, at best, just disappointed when those things fall through. Only God can give us real, unfailing hope.

The book of Psalms talks a lot about putting our hope in God. Isaiah says that even young people will “grow tired and weary, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (40:30-31). You’ve probably memorized Jeremiah 29:11, where God tells us he has plans to give us hope and a future. The Bible talks over and over again about how God gives us hope.

So that’s what we want to share with people. More than ever, young people are not being raised in churches and they’re not hearing about the hope of Jesus. Think about the people you know who could use some hope. Let them know what God has promised in His Word, and then share with them what God has done in your own life!