Trucky Decisions

Skateboards have trucks?! Who knew? Well, I did, but apparently Erica didn’t!

In one of our new episodes of TV One Life, things get a little bit…trucky!

We had a teamwork challenge, in which two teams had to push their partner across an obstacle course on a skateboard. Both teams got to choose which board they wanted – the older one or the newer one. People were quick and ready to choose the newer one.

But here comes the catch: one skateboard had it’s trucks backwards! Trucks are used to help steer the board, so let’s just say the team with backwards trucks got plenty of crash points! (BOOM!)

The newer board had it’s trucks backwards, and it definitely deceived the teams. They wanted the better outcome, so they believed it came with the better looking board. But they ended up crashing all over the place! It’s a tricky illustration of how we make decisions in our own lives. Sometimes we choose things because they look nice, or because we think they’re the best option for us. Instead, we need to remember that God has our best interest in mind, because in a world of things that make us happy for a short time, we can trust in Him for a true and lasting happiness!

Check out the episode when it shows to see how the players rode these crazy boards!

And remember, friends don’t let friends make trucky decisions.