The weather in North Carolina is crazy. I love that we normally have four distinct seasons here, but we often go back and forth between temperatures quite a bit even within one season. Take Christmas, for example: this year we had a 70-degree Christmas instead of a white Christmas. But this past week or so, the weather has finally decided to be cold. Continue reading

The Way I Am

We have a children’s book at my house that I really like called The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. In this book, there’s a fish who’s just always gloomy and depressing (don’t we all know people like that?), and he thinks he can’t change it because that’s just the way he is. Continue reading

Being a Doer

I love watching cooking competition shows on TV. If I had to choose, I’d probably say that’s my favorite kind of TV show, which is kind of ironic because I don’t really like cooking all that much. There’s something about those shows, though: the fierce competition, the strange challenges and ingredients, the judges, the (healthy?) dose of reality TV drama—I love it. Continue reading

The Real Issue

I was on campus a few months ago and someone came up to me and asked, “Can I ask you a question?” First of all, as a friend of mine likes to point out, she already asked me a question. Anyway, I told her yes and she started asking me what I thought about some things. I don’t even really remember what she was talking about, but I remember wanting to ask her what the point was. What did she want from me? What was she trying to get at? Continue reading

Lessons from tutoring

There’s a little girl that I’ve been tutoring in elementary math for about a year and a half now. And yes, I did have to go back to review things like long division and multiplying decimals—just to make sure. It’s been a long time since 5th grade for me.

Hopefully she’s learned some things from me during the time I’ve been tutoring her, but I’ve also learned some things from her. For your reading pleasure, I thought I’d share. Continue reading

TV One Life Happenings

There have been a lot of exciting things happening in the TV One Life world! Hopefully you’ve already been seeing and enjoying the episodes of season 4, and we’ll be getting season 5 out soon.

If you follow us on Facebook or twitter, you’ve probably already heard about a lot of these things, but just in case: Continue reading


Many of you probably know that I like corny jokes. I like clever puns and plays on words. I (only half jokingly) tell people that all I learned during my first year of college was a bunch of jokes.

It’s good to laugh. Continue reading

On Being an Adult

As graduations are starting to happen, some of you may be facing the “adult world” for the first time. A lot of people will say things like “High school was the best time of my life,” and I think that’s really sad because what about the next 50-70 years? Hopefully your life keeps getting better and better, so at any point, you can say, “Now is the best time of my life.” Continue reading


A couple weeks ago, we spent a few days on tour with Silverline, and we had a lot of fun! We were shooting an episode for season 5, so make sure you don’t miss when that comes out in a few months. Also, if you don’t know Silverline’s music, check them out at They’re good guys with a heart for telling young people about Jesus. I think the thing that stood out to me the most through talking to them was the message of hope that we need to share with the world. Continue reading