Florida fun

This past week I have been visiting my dad in Florida. It has been nice to get away and be able to relax and hang out with family. There are a lot of differences in Florida and North Carolina. For starters, I have been able to wear shorts all week long. The weather has been beautiful in Florida and I am loving every minute of it. I already checked the weather for when I get back to North Carolina and it looks like it will be the coldest week of the year. So I am going to enjoy these last few warm sunny days in Florida as much as I can. Also, in the winter the roads are a lot more crowded in Florida than North Carolina. That can get pretty annoying. This past week no matter what time of day we went out, or what day it was, there was always tons of cars on the road. It takes forever to get anywhere. This past week has been a week of firsts for me. I went on my first deep sea fishing trip. I found out that no matter how much Dramamine I take I will still have motion sickness. So on my first deep sea fishing trip I caught no fish, and that is probably due to the fact that I was never able to pick up a fishing rod because I was too busy throwing up. So I have checked that off my list and moved it to the ‘never do again’ list. This week I also shot a gun for the first time. My brother is a cop, so he had a variety of guns for me to try out. So we went to the shooting range and he taught me how to shoot. I guess I did decent for my first time. I hit the target twice (out of maybe a hundred shots I took) in the bulls eye. And last but not least, I drove a manual car for the first time in my life (I have driven a manual around parking lots before, but never on a real road). My brother took me out and I started in some parking lots getting used to the car, and changing gears up and down. Then he decided it was time for the real test, for me to drive home from the parking lot. The parking lot turned onto a six lane divided highway, so I was a little nervous to be starting my manual driving career there. But I was able to handle it, and only three stalls later we were back at my dad’s house!! So it has been an eventful week for me, but in a few days it is back to North Carolina and back to work. But I am excited about returning home because I miss Charisma Church and we are starting to shoot Season 3 of TVOneLife (it seems like just yesterday we were trying to raise funds to buy the camera to shoot the pilot episode). Florida is fun, but so is life in general!!