Being a blessing

God is really showing me lately how it is a blessing to be a blessing. Recently I received an email from one of my high school friends that I have not talked to in a few years. He was telling me about how he saw me on TVoneLife and how God had really been dealing with him lately about serving God with all his heart, and how encouraging it was to see that I was doing that. It was really cool to read that email and know that I was able to be an encouragement. The Bible tells us there are two ways for us to received God’s blessing: to ask (see Mark 11:24) and to give (see Luke 6:38). A lot of times we only ask God for His blessing, and as Pastor Sean always says, if we only ask then we will only receive half of what God has for us. Charisma Church recently moved from our building to on campus at NC State University, and it has opened up so many new ways for me to serve. It has been so much fun going and passing out flyers on campus. This past Sunday we had a bunch of first time guests, and it made me so happy to see that the flyers we had passed out were changing lives. I have really seen that one of the biggest blessings we can get in life is to be a blessing to someone else. There is not much that compares to how I feel when I know that God used me to bless someone else.