Trinity is on Season 2

Season 2 has started airing on the networks!!! It is so exciting. In season 2 you will be introduced to my dog Trinity (she is in the ‘Slave for a Day’ OLU Challenge and one of the ‘Adventures of Andy and Randy’). She is a Jack Russell Terrier, 3 years old, 13 pounds, and one of the coolest dogs you could have. I got her as a college graduation present from my dad. If you know anything about Jack Russells you know they are extremely hyper and friendly (and if you donĂ­t know anything about them, now you do). Any guest at my house is quickly (very literally, quickly) met with a face bath from T-rex (our nickname for her). She may be small, but she is very quick and strong. The other night my roommate Eric was playing tug of war with her while sitting in our rocking chair. Trinity grabbed the toy and ran behind the chair, and the next thing Eric knew he was falling backwards as Trinity pulled the chair to the ground. It was just like something you would see on America’s Funniest Home Videos. If only I had a video camera rolling maybe I could have been the next $10,000 winner!! So be on the look out for Season 2, and see how many times you can spot Trinity (I gave away 2, but there may be others I forgot about)!!

Wheel barrow race

Hurrrray, Season 2 is airing!!!! The wheel barrow race was pretty hard because Justin (my partner) and I didn’t know our way around NCSU. So Nick and Josh had an advantage cause they both went to that school. But lo and behold Justin and I caught up, and ended up winning in the end. Hope you liked the chocolate on my face (not a big fan of it)…kinda looked like I had a Unibrow there haha.


One Life Event in Georgia

This week we have a One Life event in Augusta, Georgia. I absolutely love One Life events. All I have been able to think about for the past week is what the event will be like, and how much fun it will be. A couple months ago we did a One Life event at NC State and during our first song of praise and worship the power went out on us. Instead of freaking out we decided to keep the drums going and just shout out the chorus. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Everyone there just kept praising even though we had no power. So when the power came back on, and the music kicked back in, the energy level jumped ten levels. The crowd was going crazy, the band was going crazy (including Josh doing a really sweet knee slide across the stage), and it was one of the funnest praise and worship sets I have been a part of. There is nothing like seeing a bunch of people going crazy praising God!! So I am getting really pumped up about our One Life event in Georgia. I hope to experience the same kind of worship there (hopefully without the power going out this time though). It is also so awesome to see people answer the altar call and give their life to Jesus. One Life events can be a lot of work with all the set up and preparation we have to do, but at the end of the event to see people give their lives to Jesus makes every minute of it worth it. To me there is no greater feeling then knowing God used you to change someones life forever. So to everyone not in Augusta, Georgia, shoot us an email so we can come to your town!!!