Season 2 coming soon!

The premiere of TVOneLife Season 2 was last night. It was so good!!! I am very excited that soon we will be done editing the whole season and it will be on a TV set in your home!! I was laughing so hard at points that I was crying. I think the best part about this season is we pushed ourselves in everything. We set out to make something better than season 1 (not that we don’t like season 1, it will always be our baby season) but we didn’t want to just do season 1 again. And I think we succeeded. It is really cool to see something that you worked so hard on for a year come together and be so much better than you could have expected. Here are a few things you can expect to see in season 2 (or some of my favorite moments): Becky failing to pull pranks and them turning on her, an amazing jingle for surge protectors, jet ski soccer, high speed go kart racing, insane (yet safe) stunts, an attempt to break the world record for the longest milk squirt out of your eye, the adventures of Andy and Randy, and a human chicken. So be on the look out because season 2 is heading your way very soon!!!


Okay, so my roommate Megan introduced me to the world of Smallville a couple weeks ago. Hmmmmm….as Nick likes to call it “A Superman soap opera” – hahaha. Ahhhh and it’s so addicting – like LOST! As a girl I guess it’s normal for me to drool over Smallville’s Clark Kent. As I sit here now writing this I am watching it (already on season 2) and every time Clark and Lona get together I’m just like “kisssssss her already!!!!”. A customer came into work last week and told me about the show and how he is on season 8 and Clark still isn’t flying…but he didn’t say anything else cause I didn’t want him to spoil the show. So, if you’ve been watching the show – I hope it’s all you and I hoped it to be.