Expect the Unexpected!

In every episode of TV One Life, there’s always something different! New characters. New places. New experiences.

TV One Life has great plans for new things, but the best stuff comes from the unexpected!

Like the time when Erica decided to bake something special for the show! After some of our One Life challenges, Erica gave out some amazing cookies to our participants. But what she didn’t tell them was that they were filled with horseradish and mustard! Delicious, right? Well, the reaction we were hoping for was one of disgust. Who would want to eat a cookie filled with mustard?

But a few odd ones out of the bunch actually enjoyed them, and it made for an interesting conversation afterwards!

Or, like the times when we do “Extremely Safe Stunts”. We know how the stunts are supposed to turn out, but when a few brave souls suited up on a couch for TV One Life, they took couch surfing to the extreme! The idea was to coast the group down the road on a big couch, like a skilled surfer riding a wave. But right at the end, the guys chickened out and the couch went haywire!

Let’s just say this “Extremely Safe Stunt” took an unexpected turn!

With TV One Life, you can expect a few unscripted, unlimited, and unexpected moments! Check out the newest season for more of the best stuff on TV!