Risky Business

This season, the challenges got bigger! The stunts got wilder! And the people got crazier!

Things are getting a little riskier!

I’m usually the one to volunteer whenever there’s a risk to be taken, so don’t be surprised when you see me blind-folded and falling of off a bridge!

I don’t always take big risks, but when I do, it’s because I know that I can trust the one who is giving me the challenge. That’s why I’m not afraid to do God’s will, because I know that I can trust in Him! And when the everyday challenges come my way, I know that I can trust in godly people.

I always try to have a trusting heart. I believe that my pastor, my older friends, and my family have the best in mind for me. They keep me safe and guide me in the love of God.

These people are like spiritual parents. They sacrifice things like money, time, and their own interests in order to help me when I need it! They love me unconditionally, discipline me when I need it, and protect me from danger.

They show me that they love me, and that I can trust them when they ask me to do things, because they truly want what’s best for me.

In the same way, my trust in God grows stronger because He truly has the best for me. When He asks me to tell my friend about Jesus, I take the risk! When my church goes on a missions trip, I take the risk!

When someone tells me to run across a bridge while flying objects are being hurled at me from every direction…I take the risk!

So the next time you see me flying, jumping, or swinging off of who knows what, remember that I’m trusting in Sean, Erica, and Faith to keep me safe! Lol.

(Just in case, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!)