Krispy Kreme Challenge

This past weekend I participated in the Krispy Kreme Challenge. The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a race that raises money for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. You start at the bell tower at NC State and run two miles to Krispy Kreme in downtown Raleigh. When you get to Krispy Kreme you then have to eat twelve donuts. After you finish eating your donuts you have to run two miles back to the bell tower at NC State. The challenge is to do all of this in one hour. I had never done it before so I was really excited/nervous about it. I have friends that have done it before and I have heard the horror stories of how you feel the rest of the day because you ate a dozen donuts. But I was doing it with a couple friends and on race day we were all ready to go. The run there was crowded. Over 5000 people ran this year, so the whole time we were weaving in and out of people. When I got to Krispy Kreme and got my box of donuts the first thought that came to mind was, “What have I got myself into?” I decided (thanks to Brian’s suggestion) that I was going to use the dunk method and dunk my donuts in my cup of water to make them softer. Around donut six or seven, I didn’t think I would be able to take another bite, but I kept on pushing and finally got all twelve down. Then it was time to run back, and this is where most of the horror stories you hear are from. But to me it was honestly the easiest part. I ran at a slow pace because I was afraid I might throw up if I pushed myself too hard. The hardest part about the run back was seeing all the spots where people had thrown up. But I finished the race in under an hour and completed the Krispy Kreme Challenge!! I have already decided to start training to do it again next year. A group of twelve students started this five years ago at NC State, and this year over $35,000 was raised for charity!! So next spring if you are looking for the sweetest race (figuratively and literally) to run, take the Krispy Kreme Challenge. I’ll see you there!

Crazy weather

Okay, so the weather has been ALL over the place this year. Some days you see us and it’s sunny and warm. Other days it’s just down right freezing, and moving up here from Florida it’s amazing. Haha…some days when it’s really cold people up here are wearing you know…shoes, winter coats, long sleeves, etc… where I’m wearing (true fact) flip flops, maybe a zip-up jacket, and jeans with holes. Haha, yes I am crazy. Nuff about that. We are almost done shooting season 2 and it’s been really an amazing experience for me. I think they should call this season “Torture Becky Season”. Here’s a little hint – I would put myself in situations that whatever I did – it sorta backfired on me. Haha. So tune in for season 2 and watch for those moments. 🙂


Snow + Apple Cider = ?

It snowed in North Carolina for the first time in years. At my mom’s house there was (and yes, some of you will laugh at this) six inches. To some people out there they think it is nothing, and some of you are wishing you had six inches. I unfortunately still had to work the day we had the snow. I do not like driving in snow or ice. But when I got home my roommates and I made sure we made the most of the snow we had. We built a snowman (who we named Curtis) and a fortress for him. While we were building it I noticed that no one else on our street had even played in the snow. I thought it was a shame because it never snows in North Carolina. So we made sure to make up for it and used all the snow in our front yard to build Curtis and his impenetrable wall. We also pulled a few snowball attacks on cars that drove by us. I don’t think you are ever too old to play in the snow, at least if you only get it every few years. It was also the first time Trinity (my dog) had encountered snow. She had a lot of fun in it. After that we came back inside and made some hot apple cider. I used to not be a fan of apple cider, but then for some reason this year I decided to give it a shot again and found that I actually really enjoy it. So in summary snow + apple cider = a good day!

My favorite phrase

Becky's Pouty Face

(no that is not really me)

So my favorite phrase on the tv show is: _________________!

A. Not cool.
B. Well, it’s definitely harder then it looks.
C. *Pouty face
D. All of the above!


First time driving in the snow

Haha…Okay, so today was a very interesting day for me. I tried driving in the snow for the first time ever in my life (not a good idea if you don’t have 4-wheel drive). All I can say is Cowabunga dude! Snow is extremely unsafe to drive in but also a blast. I was swerving and sliding all over the road… It was all exciting until my brakes locked on me when I was turning into my driveway and there was a car turning as well in front of me and I was skidding toward him. I almost hit him but luckily got control in the nick of time. Yeah that would not have been cool…with that in mind: Drive safe!


Christmas road trips

So this Christmas was a interesting one for me. It wasn’t really much of a Christmas for me. More like road trips! I went to Florida, Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina in a matter of 2 weeks. I’m talking more then 50 hours of driving. Yes I drove! What a killer. I spent time with family I haven’t seen in over 10 years (that was Ah-maze-ing). Friends I’ve been away from for far to long. *sigh. It was nice. On Christmas day one of my cousins got tickets to the Bears vs. Houston game…I was jealous! Yes I love football (I’m a HUGE Bears fan – Da Bears!) man, oh man! So I am tired and ready for a week of rest when I get home or maybe a full week of work. Urgh.


It’s Christmastime

It is Christmastime once again but here in North Carolina it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Right now as I am typing this the windows in my house are open because the weather is not cold at all. Usually you picture this time of year sitting around a fire and drinking hot chocolate. But this year I am wearing shorts and I’d rather have a glass of cold chocolate milk. This year I decided I was going to go shopping the day after thanksgiving, or Black Friday as it is known. The sales that the stores have are soooo good!!! I got some amazing deals on some presents I was getting for people (and some for myself, haha). One thing that amazed me more than anything though was how crazy people got. It was like a battle to the death for some people to get items. They were ditching their shopping cart, running around, cutting people off, yelling at people, and snatching things off of shelves just to get them. You would think the world was going to end if they didn’t get that big screen TV they were trying to get. I guess they wanted a story to go along with the gift. “You don’t know what I want through to get this.. I had to get in line at 3 am, sprint through the doors, ditch my shopping cart after 10 feet, hurdle a small child, and dive to grab the last box on the shelf, so I hope you enjoy it!” But I hope everyone out there has a very merry Christmas and remembers that the best gift of all is Jesus- so make sure you give him to everyone you know that needs Him. This is the perfect time to share His love with everyone!! And here is my gift to you: a very special exclusive TVOneLife season 2 update!! We are finishing the OLU stuff this weekend and then the only thing left to shoot are a few spoof skits. Then season 2 is off to the editing room and one step closer to being on your TV!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hooked on LOST

Moving up to North Carolina has got me hooked on the show “LOST”! Never heard of it until I moved up here and when I started watching the show…I would get people saying “oh…you’re not at that part where Jack Dies!” or “Kate and Hurley get together” Urghh…they would drive me insane. Now that season 4 is out on DVD I’m still trying to catch up before season 5 comes out on tv. I’m lost in “LOST”. Sometimes I wish in life that’s how we were with God though. You know some people have never heard of Him or they’re not really interested. I wish I could go up to someone and be like “Hey! Jesus is awesome, check Him out!” and they’d be like “Woah! thanks dude…I going to do that right now” and get hooked. But He really is that way. Like moths are attracted to light, so should we be attracted to The Light!


I’m a Dolphins Fan

The Miami Dolphins have won 2 games in a row!!!! If you are a football fan or Miami Dolphins fan you know how amazing this is, and I am a huge Dolphins fan so ecstatic. Not only have they won, but they beat the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers, the two teams that were in the AFC Championship last year!! After watching the Dolphins have a less than dismal 1-15 season last year, I have never been so excited about them being 2-2.

Yesterday I played flag football for the first time in years. It was so much fun. I am a football freak, I love watching it, I love playing it, I love everything about it. I had a blast yesterday. It reminded me of when I was a kid and we would play backyard football in my neighborhood almost every day. I have to admit today I am a little sore. But we have already planned to do it again next Saturday. I could get used to this.

Jet Ski

Yesterday I got to ride a jet ski for the first time ever. It was so awesome!!! I was a little nervous at first but after a few minutes getting used to it I was flying around. I even survived without throwing myself off, but there were a couple times I was scared that I was going in. It was such a cool feeling to be gliding across the top of the water.

Worship at church has been so good lately. The presence of God has been so powerful. There is one thing I love about the presence of God (we touched on this some in one of the episodes on season 1): when you get into the presence of God nothing else matters. It is the one place you can go and just drop everything and be perfectly content. You can come to church upset, angry, frustrated, depressed, sad, whatever, and you can get into the presence of God and He can change everything. You can be full of joy, peace, blessed, whatever you need. At church Pastor Sean has been talking about magnifying God instead of your problems and how you realize that God is so much bigger than anything you have going on. And it is so true, when you begin to magnify God you really realize that He can take care of anything you need.