Slow and Steady Wins the Water Race!

Good, better, best! Never let it rest! Until your good is your better, and your better is your best!

That’s what my elementary school teacher would tell me when I was just about to give up on something. It’s catchy, and I never forgot it! Never giving up is key to being the best you, and in our episode on consistency, we get to see the good, the bad… and the super-soaked side of hard work.

Caution: You may want to bring shampoo and soap if you’re doing this challenge! Continue reading

On Being an Adult

As graduations are starting to happen, some of you may be facing the “adult world” for the first time. A lot of people will say things like “High school was the best time of my life,” and I think that’s really sad because what about the next 50-70 years? Hopefully your life keeps getting better and better, so at any point, you can say, “Now is the best time of my life.” Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t give God my first and make Him most important in my life, things get broken, cracked, lost, and destroyed! Just like in our episode, Leftovers! We had people perform a crazy juggling act to keep a few objects in their place. (We have a thing for eggs, so of course we had to throw one into this challenge!) Continue reading


A couple weeks ago, we spent a few days on tour with Silverline, and we had a lot of fun! We were shooting an episode for season 5, so make sure you don’t miss when that comes out in a few months. Also, if you don’t know Silverline’s music, check them out at They’re good guys with a heart for telling young people about Jesus. I think the thing that stood out to me the most through talking to them was the message of hope that we need to share with the world. Continue reading

Guest blogger: Eric

I’m Eric Whitfield, and I don’t really know how to start blog entries, especially special guest blog entries. I know how to finish them though, and I’m even pretty good in the middle. At any rate, I’ve been a few different personalities while working on TV One Life. While all of them are super-fun, there is one personality that I’ve played that is especially dear to me, the Ninja. The Ninja is special to me for a couple of reasons. Continue reading