Lessons from tutoring

There’s a little girl that I’ve been tutoring in elementary math for about a year and a half now. And yes, I did have to go back to review things like long division and multiplying decimals—just to make sure. It’s been a long time since 5th grade for me.

Hopefully she’s learned some things from me during the time I’ve been tutoring her, but I’ve also learned some things from her. For your reading pleasure, I thought I’d share. Continue reading

TV One Life Happenings

There have been a lot of exciting things happening in the TV One Life world! Hopefully you’ve already been seeing and enjoying the episodes of season 4, and we’ll be getting season 5 out soon.

If you follow us on Facebook or twitter, you’ve probably already heard about a lot of these things, but just in case: Continue reading

(Repeat) Guest Blogger: Nick

This fall at my church, Charisma Church, we are starting an outreach children’s ministry.  To the untrained eye, this could seem like a normal thing that any church would consider doing.  So let me give you a little insight into the demographics of Charisma.  Our Sunday service is held on campus at NC State University.  We mainly have college students and young adults in attendance.  But here is the kicker: we currently have no children, and no children’s ministry.  So now you may be wondering why would we want to start an outreach children’s ministry.  The answer to that is simple. Continue reading

Faith’s Amazing Summer

This summer (and the start of fall) has been a little weird for me. I worked a couple of weeks at a Design Camp (for graphic design) for the first time which was SO MUCH FUN, I wasn’t able to go on a missions trip for the first time in eight years, and now, I am taking my first English-based class (actually three of them, to be exact) in two years. Continue reading


Many of you probably know that I like corny jokes. I like clever puns and plays on words. I (only half jokingly) tell people that all I learned during my first year of college was a bunch of jokes.

It’s good to laugh. Continue reading

You be the hands, I’ll be the feet

Ever since I was 11 years old, I have spent two weeks of my summer traveling to foreign countries and sharing the love of God with the people there. Each summer has been a vastly different experience as far as group dynamics go, but one thing has always stuck with me. I’m terrible at street evangelism. Especially in a language that I don’t speak. For many years, this was a frustration for me. I felt like I wasn’t contributing to the team, and that it was absolutely pointless for me to be going on these trips. Continue reading

Exploding Cars

So you know how in movies whenever a car starts smoking, it means that it is literally moments away from blowing up?

Well sometimes I forget that movies aren’t real life; in fact, the tv show ‘Mythbusters’ has shown that it is REALLY hard to blow up a car. But sometimes I forget all about science and logic and whatnot. One night not too long ago, I thought my car was about to blow up. But let me start from the beginning… Continue reading