Peter Furler = Newsboys?

This past weekend I went to the WinterJam tour.  The band line up seemed pretty good so we got a group together from Charisma Church and went.  The event way exceeded my expectations.   I don’t own any of Skillet’s CDs but they put on an amazing live show so I may have to pick up a couple of them.  Peter Furler was there and played mostly old Newsboys songs.  One of the songs Furler played was I Am Free.  Continue reading

Couch Potato

I have a secret to tell you guys.  You would be amazed how much cleaner your room looks if you just put up your laundry.  I know it seems simple, but it’s so true.  There is a random tidbit for you to take with you and use however you want.  It has nothing to do with this blog, it is like a bonus thrown in at the beginning. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland

It has finally started getting cold in North Carolina, but like usual we didn’t get much of a fall. I am not a fan of that, because fall is one of my favorite times of the year. We usually just go straight from summer to winter.

Continue reading

To bench or not to bench…

Fall is back, which means football is back, which means in theory I should be happy.  However being a fan of the Miami Dolphins and the NC State Wolfpack, that is not always the case.  But hopefully this season will be different!  With football season back it also means fantasy football is back.  If you have never played fantasy football… good, keep it that way!  For those of you who do play fantasy, you know the added stress it can add to your life.  Continue reading

No more reruns!!

Season 3 is here!!  A lot of time has been put into the making of this season.  Hopefully you haven’t got sick of watching reruns of seasons 1 and 2.  I promise this season was worth the wait!!  I challenge all of you to count the number of different hair styles I have in this season haha.  Maybe I’ll find a prize for someone who gets it right (although as I type this I now realize I’ll have to watch and count as well.  Either that or ask Sean who spent endless hours in front of the computer editing and has all of the styles forever embedded in his head). Continue reading

10 years

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of me giving my life to Jesus Christ!!!! I have been serving God for 10 years now; seems like it was just yesterday. It has been one crazy ride!! If you asked me 10 years ago what the next 10 years of my life would look like, I would have never guessed almost anything I have done. Continue reading

Florida fun

This past week I have been visiting my dad in Florida. It has been nice to get away and be able to relax and hang out with family. There are a lot of differences in Florida and North Carolina. For starters, I have been able to wear shorts all week long. The weather has been beautiful in Florida and I am loving every minute of it. I already checked the weather for when I get back to North Carolina and it looks like it will be the coldest week of the year. Continue reading

Appreciating muscles

I have found myself back in the middle of football season again. Full of highs and lows (I am a NC State fan and Miami Dolphins fan). But the past couple weeks I have been able to go out and play flag football with some friends. There is not much I enjoy more in life than a good game of football. But with a great game of football comes the soreness afterwards. Our motto when we play is: “If you don’t go home dirty and sore, you didn’t play”. Continue reading