My Mom’s Keys

We’ve been talking about vision, purpose, and destiny lately in church, and it’s made me think about why a lot of people, even Christians, don’t do what God wants them to do. We know we’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and more successful when we follow the plans that God has for our lives, so why don’t we do it? I think a big reason is that we don’t know what God has for us.
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Dear 16-year-old me

I recently watched a PSA video called “Dear 16-year-old me” about preventing melanoma. I liked the idea of giving advice to your younger self. Although I know that 16-year-old me would never be able to read this, I thought maybe you would enjoy, and maybe benefit from, hearing what I would tell the 16-year-old Erica. Continue reading

The Art of Sucking It Up

Unless you live a charmed life of playing all day, eating bon bons (what are those, anyway?), and magically always being healthy, happy, and loved by everyone, you’ve probably noticed that in life, sometimes you just have to do things you don’t want to do. Or you have to not do things you do want to do.

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Hooray for fall!

Autumn is coming to us here in central North Carolina. Well, okay, the temperature for most of this week has been hanging around 90, but we have a day coming up with the forecasted high being…63! I’ll take that as an indication that fall is on its way and run with it. The idea of autumn coming kind of makes me want to burn every pumpkin and apple spice candle in my house and jump up and down and squeal with excitement. Really, I love fall. Continue reading


This summer for our missions trip, we went to…PERU!  Watching TVoneLife, you’ve probably seen our missions commercial.  As cool as the promo makes the trip look, actually going on the trip is waaaaaay cooler. Continue reading