Guaranteed Funny

You can always count on TV One Life to deliver the good, exciting AND the funny!

Every episode has a great, relative message that’s paired with a wild challenge, but sliding in through the middle is always a comical character for kicks and giggles.


We’ve got Super Buddy: Easy on the eyes, but difficult on the help! He really means well, but his super intentions surpass his super deeds.

Then, there’s Stunt Man: He’s the all-round stunt guy who’s not afraid to take a leap of faith. Literally!


Now, we’ve upped the funny and dug deep into our inner Girl Scout. (We all have one deep inside, even if it’s only in the form of a Girl Scout cookie!) This season, Lacy the Lilly Scout came knocking on our door!

Four feet tall, cute as a button, and with a “Buy my cookie!” attitude. It’s no wonder why people are always screaming when she’s around!


My favorite part about Lacy is her voice. She sounds so sweet and innocent as she’s trying to sell Lilly Scout cookies, but when she gets turned away, her voice reaches a whole new level! If I was answering the door, I’d buy every last one of her cookies. Even the lemon ones.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy any Lilly Scout cookies from us, but you can check out a whole lot of funny with Lacy the Lilly Scout and other characters on the new season of TV One Life!


Scout’s honor.