The Power of Passion

You may see the cast of TV One Life running around on the show as part of the crew, doing something super crazy as a new character, or randomly appearing in some of the fun skits! But the main thing to know is that we love God with a passion!

In all that we do, on camera and behind the scenes in our own lives, God gets the glory! Colossians 3:23 says, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for The Lord rather than for people.”

Whether I’m on the clock at work or under a pile of textbooks, I’ve learned to work and study as though I’m doing it for God! It used to be a challenge to go back and forth between TV, school, and work, because I would leave my passion out of some things. I would be on fire some Sundays and be excited to serve God sometimes, but I realized that loving God requires real passion! Now my passion for doing the will of God reaches into the places where it’s needed the most – everywhere!

A great example is the episode on passionate people! We had some crazy fun with tailgaters at a football game to see if they had passion for their teams! Everyone was excited to be there and to celebrate, but it was cool to hear where the passion continued outside of the football game. Some people were passionate about college and some were passionate about family, but I believe the greatest passion comes through when we serve God!

So, as you’re watching TV One Life, tune in to the power passion!