Top 10 things about being on TV One Life

As effortless as we (hope) we make it look on the show, being on TV One Life is a lot of hard work sometimes. When you’re 10 hours into a 20-hour shoot or running around in costume on a 105 degree day, it’s good to remember the perks of being involved with TV One Life. So here’s my “Top 10 things about being on TV One Life”:

  1. Exercise. Forget long hours at the gym! Just come run around with us for a day, carrying props, the boom mic, pieces of set, and me on your back (please!).
  1. Laughs. This group laughs a lot. I’d be interested to know how much footage is edited out of us all just laughing. We laugh at ourselves doing silly skits, the ridiculous costumes, the jokes we make, and our many, many bloopers.
  1. Bonding time with the cast and crew. There’s a really great group of people who work on this show and after many hours of brainstorming, traveling, shooting, building, etc., we’ve come to know each other really well. And it’s always a good time.
  1. Meeting new people. We meet a lot of people on campus doing reality segments and OLU challenges. It’s been great meeting people, forming relationships, and then seeing some of those people get plugged in to this ministry.
  1. Experience. I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of useful experience while doing this show! Public speaking, leadership skills, writing, TV jargon (haha, you can tell I know a lot about this—but really, it’s more than before)…we’ve been able to learn a lot while making TV One Life.
  1. Band interviews. We get to go meet bands and ask them fun questions. And occasionally Faith and Jessica will make the band members some kind of baked good.
  1. Travel. We’ve joked that this is our best-traveled season, and it’s really true. We got to shoot a whole episode in Israel, which was just amazing. There’s also an episode that we shot in Peru, some scenes from Brazil, Chicago, etc. We’re all over!
  1. A great ministry. It’s encouraging to be around and work with people who really love God and want to do what He says.
  1. Accountability. Along with the encouragement of being around people who really love God, there also comes accountability. My life has to reflect the things I say on the show about God and about my relationship with Him.
  1. Impacting people all over the world. TV One Life has an audience of 2 billion people, with about 500,000 people watching each week. That’s so crazy. I’m really humbled and grateful that God is using this ministry to reach so many people. We’re always so excited when we get emails or messages from people, telling us that they watched the show and God spoke to them through it.

So there it is, my “Top 10 things about being on TV One Life.” Really, just the fact that people are watching and God is changing lives through the show would make everything worth it. As you can see, though, there are quite a few other fun perks 🙂