Sticks, Stones, and Cantaloupes!

There’s a saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” And while that may be true to a certain extent, we are not 100% invincible against negative words.

The things that people say can either make us or break us, especially when we depend on someone’s support. For me, a few negative words can stop me from moving forward with a goal or a plan!

In one of our challenges, two-person teams have to carry cantaloupes from the beginning of an obstacle course, to the end. So, we lock arms and try to win the race!

Of course, this wasn’t just your average race. On one team was Erica and a student. The other team was another student and I. Erica was super-positive and encouraged her teammate to the finish line! I, on the other hand, was negative and discouraging the whole way through.

My negative words were a big discouragement to my teammate, and we didn’t win. But Erica’s team did much better than my team did. Why? Because her words motivated her teammate to go farther and win!

The next time, we got to switch, and I was the positive teammate. My team did so well that we lapped the other team! My positive encouragement drove my teammate to want to race even further!

Our lives are just like this! No, we’re not running around with cantaloupes, but we’re running with goals in mind. God’s love is the greatest motivation that we can have in our lives! His love is greater than any motivation that we can receive from the world, and His love motivates us to accomplish goals and to do great things!