Guest blogger: Stuntman!

Today’s guest post is from your friendly neighborhood Stuntman. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun.

Hey kids! Stuntman here!

I had so much fun doing all those stunts! I’m also glad I had all my friends there to help pad me up and keep me safe when the stunts didn’t go as I expected, which they never did. Like the Rocket Rollerblades. I was so excited for those, but then the rockets didn’t ignite. It was quite disappointing, but it was lots of fun anyways. I think I’ll have to try those again one day. The problem had to be with the way I tied all the engines together. I’ll have to do some more testing next time before go-time.

Jumping off the roof was also a blast! I thought for sure that the umbrella would slow me down at least a little bit, but instead it just collapsed and was good for nothing. I guess they just don’t make umbrellas like they used to. It’s a really good thing we had those mattresses at the bottom to cushion my fall.

I had a great time teaming up with Super Buddy as well. And what a crazy idea that was too! I’m surprised Super Buddy even agreed to do it. Who came up with that anyway? Tying us together and then rollerblading around opposites sides of a truck, what nut thought of that? Oh, was it me? Well, this is awkward…

My favorite stunt had to be the Extreme Couch Potatoing. Everything about it was just awesome. Building it was quite a challenge. It put my crude engineering skills to the test. I had bicycle tires attached to it the first time. Unfortunately, the weight of the recliner and TV made the tires bow in a lot, and so the friction from the tires rubbing the recliner caused it to slow down, which is just unacceptable. I want to go fast! So we went with small shopping cart type wheels attached underneath the chair. So with that change, we were ready to rock and roll! And I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve raced downhill in a recliner with a TV on top, holding a bowl of popcorn.

But also remember kids, don’t try this at home!