No Doubt

This past week we were in Israel, shooting an episode for season 4. I could probably write many, many blog posts talking about the trip: all the things we learned, the places we went, and the huge blessing that it was. Make sure you see the Israel episode!

One of the coolest things we did in Israel was visit a replica of the tabernacle in Timna Valley. The woman who gave us the tour there explained what everything was, how it was made, how it could be moved, what everything meant, what the priests did, etc., etc. Really, it was so much information and it was AWESOME!

She talked a lot about how different things in the Old Testament and in the tabernacle point to Jesus, and she said something that really stuck out to me: “Jesus fulfilled so many prophesies in the Bible; there’s no doubt that the rest of the prophesies will be fulfilled.”

I think that’s true. There’s such a tiny, miniscule, next-to-impossible chance that one man would fulfill everything the Bible says about Jesus…but Jesus did it. And so it just makes sense to conclude that the other prophesies in the Bible will be true too.

I think about my own life and all the times I’ve seen God work and move and come through for me, and I’m left wondering why in the world I ever doubt Him. Like, for example, when money is tight and bills are coming in, why do I not just automatically conclude that God will take care of me? I’ve seen God provide for me so many times in the past, and not just that, but bless me even above what I really need. There should be no doubt that God will take care of me.

ALL of my experience with God has shown that He’s good, loving, gracious, and always interested in what’s best for me. There’s no doubt!