Pack Rat

This Saturday I am moving.  I have lived in my current house for six and half years, so I have acquired a lot of stuff.  It has been quite the process sorting through all my stuff.  I am sort of a pack rat.  And by sort of I really mean I am.  I am not as bad as the people you see on the TV show Hoarders, but I do hold on to a bunch of random stuff I have no use for.  Why do I do this, you may ask.  I have a hard time bringing myself to throw something out because I can usually attach some sentimental value to stuff, even when sometimes it shouldn’t really be there.  And then sometimes I am just too lazy to actually put something in the trash can and then it gets buried under stuff I actually need and I forget about it.  It could be said that I am not what you would call a neat freak.  I thought it would be fun to make a list of the top five most interesting things I have found in the journey that has been packing up my house.

5.  One Life deodorant stickers.  If you have seen our commercial for our internship, you have seen these stickers.  We stuck them on a stick of deodorant and it is held up towards the end of the commercial.  But I didn’t have one of these stickers, I had a bunch of them.  Yeah they are a pretty cool historical piece of TVOneLife, but why do I need more than one?

4.  One of my old Sonic uniforms.  It even had my name tag on it.  I haven’t worked at Sonic in almost two years and have no intentions of ever working there again.  It wasn’t even a cool uniform.  It was just a plain blue polo shirt.  I have no clue what made me want to keep this.  I got rid of the shirt in a yard sale, but I won’t lie, I kept the name tag haha.

3.  Three autographed drumsticks.  One by Relient K (their original line-up after they had just released their self titled CD), one by Philmore, and one by The Elms.  I’ll admit these are pretty cool items.  I even got the Relient K drumstick signed while eating a chicken drumstick with them (don’t worry they signed a musical drumstick, not a chicken bone).  But they had been sitting in a drawer in my desk for years and I had forgot about them.  I decided to pass them on to someone who would show them the proper appreciation.

2.  A four inch plush doll that a kid in an after school program gave me when I worked there.  I really have no idea why this kid gave me the doll.  It was probably just a joke.  But since he was one of my favorite kids in the program (yeah I know you aren’t supposed to have a favorite, but these things happen) I held onto it.  Then it just sat in my room for over a year and collected dust.  Now it is suffering the same fate as some of the toys from Sunnyside Daycare (take some time to catch the reference, it’s worth it haha).

1.  Lots of dust.  This gets back to the neat freak part of me and the fact that it does not exist.  There is a ton of dust in my room.  Everything is covered in it.  What makes this even more interesting is that dust sets off my allergies like crazy.  I would probably be able to breathe a lot better if my room was not covered in it.  Maybe at my new place I’ll do a better job of dusting.  But what is more likely is that when I get married in September my wife will just make me do it haha.

Packing all my stuff has forced me to get rid of a lot of the stuff I no longer need.  That and my fiance telling me she wouldn’t want it in the house when we get married.  So what about you… are you a pack rat or someone who doesn’t keep anything?

2 thoughts on “Pack Rat

  1. hehe I am so a pack rat I have alot of junk in my room that i cant part with its to hard but now that I am getting older alot of junk is getting trashed, given away or going to the goodwill or thrift store lol, to much stuff I dont know if my husband would let me in the house unless he packed my stuff for me lol if I was married.

    • It’s a good move to get rid of some stuff. I usually have trash bags full of stuff that I take to goodwill.

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