DC*B and other related acronyms

There have been a lot of bands releasing new CDs lately.  I thought I would give you guys some insight to the ones that have spent a lot of time in my CD player, well I guess more accurately I should say the ones that have been played on my iPod.

1. David Crowder* Band – Give Us Rest or (a requiem mass in c [the happiest of all keys])
Unfortunately this CD will be the last one released by DC*B, but it is amazing.  I had been anxiously anticipating this album for a while and it did not disappoint.  To pick a favorite song is a tough choice, but I would probably go with After All (Holy).  While this CD is not my favorite DC*B album (that honor would probably go to Church Music) it is a very solid CD and a very fitting one for their last.  I was able to see them on their final tour and it was very bittersweet.  But for those that are pretty big fans like myself, rest assured that just because this is the last DC*B album that it doesn’t mean they are all going to stop releasing new music.  It is already rumored that a group of them will be starting a new project.

2. Starfield – The Kingdom
Starfield is one of my favorite worship bands.  They are one of the few bands that I will buy their CD even if I haven’t heard it yet (which is exactly what I did with The Kingdom).  At Charisma Church we have used many of their songs for praise and worship.  The Kingdom is the first CD that Starfield has released without the help of a record label.  It has that sort of low budget sound to it, which I like a lot for this record.  The CD sounds very raw and really showcases the pure emotion of Starfield.  My favorite song on the CD is Speak Now Jesus.  Other standouts are Just Surrender and Light of the World.

3. Chris August – No Far Away
This CD came out a while ago, but it is new to me.  I discovered Chris August on DC*B’s final tour.  He played solo with just an acoustic guitar.  He was a lot of fun and the stories behind the songs he played were amazing.  I was even more happy to find out when I got home that his website has an explanation of all the songs on this CD.  No Far Away is a very chill CD that talks a lot about the redemptive nature of God.  It is tough to pick a favorite on this CD, but it would either be 7X70 or I’m Gonna Sing.

4. for KING & COUNTRY – Crave
I was introduced to for KING & COUNTRY at Winterjam this past year.  I got their CD for free for being a youth director, so I figured it would be worth a listen.  If I wasn’t a fan of it I would just give it to someone else.  Once I put it in my CD player, I probably listened to it ten times straight through.  It is a really good CD.  I had to force myself to listen to something else.  Proof of Your Love, Middle of Your Heart, and Pushing on a Pull Door would make up my top three songs off of Crave.  These guys have an “indie” feel without the bad production that normally comes with that label.

Some of you would look at this list and wonder why it is all mellower music.  I don’t really have a good reason, it’s just what I have been in the mood for lately I guess.  What music have you been listening to?

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  1. I love all of those bands, although I have only heard one of for KING & COUNTRY’s songs. I sadly don’t hae any of those CD’s I jst haven’t made it to a store to get them, and I prefer the physical copy rather than iTunes. Lately I have been listening to Sanctus Real’s CD Pieces of a Real Heart, I actually have u to thank 4 that one! A few weeks ago you posted on FB the song “Lead Me”. I had heard the song before but not alot and I didn’t know who sang it. I looked it up and long story short I got Pieces Of A Real Heart and it is the most played CD lately. I have also been listening to a newer band called 7eventh Time Down. I LOVE the lyrics in their songs and how they convey their message, plus the lead singers voice is killer! Oh and another band I have been listening to alot is Lecrae. I got to see him at The Rock And Worship Roadshow and so now I keep reliving the concert while listening to the songs! Very talented guy! Oh and 12 Stones….their first album, its a classic for me. lost their CD a while back just got a new one! Sorry my comment is so long…you shouldn;t post about music, then I can’t shut up! haha

    • I have looked into getting that Sanctus Real CD. I have been listening to it some on Spotify. I really really like the song Lead Me. Lecrae is also a good choice, I own a bunch of his CDs. Last year when he came to NC on his Rehab tour, I got to go. It was pretty awesome!

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