Peter Furler = Newsboys?

This past weekend I went to the WinterJam tour.  The band line up seemed pretty good so we got a group together from Charisma Church and went.  The event way exceeded my expectations.   I don’t own any of Skillet’s CDs but they put on an amazing live show so I may have to pick up a couple of them.  Peter Furler was there and played mostly old Newsboys songs.  One of the songs Furler played was I Am Free.  We used to play this song at Charisma and we had a lot of fun with it in youth group.  The chorus says, “I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you.”  In youth we would actually do these things.  We would run, we would dance, and when it got to the third line we would get in groups and spell out “live” with our bodies.  It would get pretty crazy but we had lots of fun.  One time we were playing it in our Sunday morning service and a couple of the kids looked up at me on the stage with a “can we do what we do in youth here in church?” look.  I gave them the approving head nod and when the chorus hit they took off and started doing a lap around the sanctuary.  They ran and danced their hearts out.  Some people looked at them like they were crazy and others were encouraged and started dancing too.  I’m not sure the youth even noticed because they were having too much fun praising Jesus  But running and dancing aside, the message of the song is simple and amazing: We are free.

While that message is true, we do not see a lot of people walking around like they are free.  If you take a snapshot of our society you can see all the problems there are.  Turn on any “reality” show and all you see are a bunch of people that are trapped.  Christian or not, most of us live an enslaved life.  Jesus said in John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  If Jesus is your savior then he has set you free.  Many people claim they have freedom, but do they really?  What is really interesting about this verse is the one that prefaced it.  Jesus was talking to the disciples about being enslaved and they ask him, “We are offspring of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How is it that you say, ‘You will become free’?” (v33).  The disciples didn’t know that they were being held back.  They didn’t realize they needed to be set free.

Have you been set free?  Have you allowed Jesus to come into your life and take off the chains that hold you down?  Some people are like the people in our service who just stood there.  There are things in life that are chaining them down and holding them back.  They may be a Christian or they may not.  They may know they are being held back or they may not.  There are so many things that we could be enslaved by.  It could be a past relationship, it could be our childhood, it could be alcohol or drugs, it could be our pride, it could be our anger.  Jesus has set us free, but we must walk in that freedom.  I’d encourage you to not be like the disciples.  Don’t assume you are living in freedom.  Examine your life and see if there are things that are holding you back.  Jesus died on the cross to take our sins.  He died to set us free.  Let’s begin to walk in that freedom.

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  1. Hey Nick, I love Peter Furlers music it is so awesome!! I think that one chain that is holding me down is unforgiveness toward a girl I know because she has bullied me for so long and we just cant seem to see eye to eye so it causes problems, she ignores me and stuff so I sorda get the feeling like why should I forgive her after the way she has treated me for this long or why do I feel so angry towards her? its a barrier for me. 🙁 I am asking God to help me with it and he has been.

    • One thing that is always good to remember is that forgiveness is not a one time thing. There can be times where we forgive someone but then something happens to bring back those feelings and we have to forgive them all over again. But I’ll be praying for you that this situations would get worked out.

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