Dear 16-year-old me

I recently watched a PSA video called “Dear 16-year-old me” about preventing melanoma. I liked the idea of giving advice to your younger self. Although I know that 16-year-old me would never be able to read this, I thought maybe you would enjoy, and maybe benefit from, hearing what I would tell the 16-year-old Erica.

Dear 16-year-old me,

There are a lot of things I could tell you and warn you about, secrets I could let you in on early, facts I could share that might be useful to you, but if I could tell you five things, this is what I’d tell you:

  1. Enjoy your fast metabolism while you have it. It won’t last forever. Also, if you could go ahead and start to exercise, I’m sure that the just-out-of-college me would really appreciate it.
  2. High school is not the most important thing in your life. Enjoy it and do well, but don’t take it so seriously.
  3. The guy you are dating now is NOT “the one.” Stop dating him. Right now. In fact, you can pretty much stay away from guys for the next few years. I know you’re feeling insecure and want a guy to make you feel good, but only God can do that. Dump the dude.
  4. You really do have a good family and you’ve had a good life so far. Appreciate what you have. There are people in your life right now who you think are just so much more important than your family, but you won’t have any kind of contact with them years later. Be kind to your parents and sister. Love on them.
  5. It’s okay to really live for God. You’re not missing out on anything. Other people’s lives look so much more fun, but the fruit of their decisions will not be good. God not only has what’s best for you, but also what’s most fun, exciting, and adventurous. It’s not too early to really get serious about Him.

The next few years of your life will be really, really good. You’ll go through some hard stuff, but you’ll find that God is ALWAYS faithful to you. Enjoy growing up 🙂


PS. Your looks WILL improve. Stop worrying. But you might want to try some makeup or something in the meantime.

4 thoughts on “Dear 16-year-old me

  1. Hey that is awesome!!!! I liked your blog that is probably what I would tell the 16 year old me if I had the chance too lol, I’m not dating anyone but I am sorda insecure about dating it sorda sounds scarry to me and idk if that is normal for a 19 year old but that is how I feel about it, :p if I had to give any advice to a 16 year old me I think it would be 1. Try and have more Courage to do new things and to talk to new people. 2. Give boys a chance don’t be afraid to talk to them. 3. Smile more and look like I am a fun loving girl. :p

    • Well, I would say that if you’re not thinking you wanna get married in the next couple of years, you don’t need to worry about dating right now anyway 🙂 I like the advice about smiling more!

  2. I do want to get married I just am not used to boys or at least dating them I have alot of guy friends and we talk and hangout thats all we do, 🙂 I like it that way.

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