Winter Wonderland

It has finally started getting cold in North Carolina, but like usual we didn’t get much of a fall. I am not a fan of that, because fall is one of my favorite times of the year. We usually just go straight from summer to winter.

There is a column on ESPN that I read about every week to get some fantasy football advice (read one of my previous blogs if you want to see how I feel about that) by Matthew Berry called Love/Hate. In the same fashion, here is my love/hate of winter.


Cooler weather – I am a sucker for zip up hoodies. I LOVE wearing them. I am also a fan of being able to walk outside and not instantly start sweating. My ideal day is when I can wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day, but then at night it cools off and you can wear jeans and a light jacket. I also recently got a few argyle sweaters that I enjoy wearing.

Hot Chocolate/Apple Cider/Egg Nog – the winter brings back a variety of fantastic beverages. Some people may be thinking (except for egg nog), I drink those all year, why don’t you. As I previously mentioned, I get hot and start to sweat very easily. Hot weather + hot drink = miserable Nick. But cold weather + warm drink = perfect combo. And egg nog is just delicious, I wish that was available all year.

Christmas music – There are some awesome worshipful Christmas songs out there. My favorite is O Holy Night. The chorus where it goes “Fall on your knees” gets me every time. There is something really powerful about singing a bunch of songs about the coming of Jesus our savior. There are also lots of people releasing Christmas CDs this year (David Crowder* Band, TobyMac, Hawk Nelson).

Food – I’d be lying if I didn’t include this on my love list. There is so much good food with Thanksgiving and Christmas. At work there are always some kind of homemade treats. There are foods my family makes only at Christmas time that are some of my all time favorites. On Christmas Eve my family always fights over my grandma’s fried shrimp!

Christmas Parties – There are always lots of fun parties around Christmas. The tacky Christmas sweater parties are my favorite. Although I think I may have slightly offended my mom last year when I asked to borrow some of her sweaters. But my outfit was pretty legit!! I will also add into this section hanging out with family. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are from spending time with my family.


Cold Weather – I love cooler weather, but am not a fan of cold weather. I am not a fan of having to wear tons of layers, or always wear a hat or gloves when I go outside. While I do love sleeping snuggled up under a bunch of blankets, that is about the only time I enjoy cold weather. My hands also get really dried out and crack. It’s no fun.

Christmas music – Wait, I thought this was in the love section??? Oh, it was… now I’m confused. I also hate Christmas music. I hate that every year people and places start playing it earlier and earlier (some radio stations around here start the day after Halloween). Like I said earlier, I love the worshipful Christmas songs, but I hate all the cheesy childish ones (“I saw mommy kissing Santa” for example). I also can’t stand how you will hear the same 5 songs on the radio just 20 different people singing them. I have the select few Christmas CDs I own and enjoy, and that’s about all I will listen to.

Food – Ok, Nick what are you doing here?? This is the second one that made both the lists. Yes, I love eating the food because it is delicious. I do not like the struggle to not gain weight during the winter. All the food and all the goodies are very tempting and hard to stay away from and my self control isn’t always at the top of it’s game.

People Christmas shopping – Giving presents is supposed to be such a selfless humble act to show you care about someone. But people get crazy trying to get those presents. It’s like you need to put on full football padding if you are going out the morning after Thanksgiving. People can be so pushy, demanding, and mean trying to get items at a store. This is why I prefer to try to do as much shopping as I can online and avoid the crazy people.

So that is my list in a nutshell. What are some of the things you love/hate about winter?

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. I actually can agree with almost all of your love/hate things. I love cooler weather but not cold weather. I love hoodies in cooler weather but when it hits full blown winter my mom is always trying to shove me in a poofy winter coat! Ugh! Plus if ur hair is wet when u leave the house it freezes which is annoying yet cool! LoL Love hot chocolate. Never had egg nog. I like some christmas music but I don’t like when that is all that is on the radio. I need variety! LoL I am super pumped about Hawk Nelson’s album I reviewed it and loved the sound of it. I love the christmas food and goodies that people only make for the holidays one of my favorites is pickle wraps. If u have never had one u have to try it! They are the! LoL Oh and I don’t like shopping after like November 15th. Stores start getting crowded and loud and people get grumpy even though it is suppose to be a happy time. Anyway that is my Love/Hate list! 😀

    • I can’t stand pickles so I’m going to have to pass on the pickle wraps. Now if you said pigs in a blanket I would eat them all. Or maybe a chicken caesar wrap, or ham and cheese wrap, or even a wrap with just tator tots and cheese it it. That’s my jam, I used to eat that all the time when I worked at Sonic.

  2. Hey Nick I agree, I love giving presents its so much fun giving people things, oh we will be ringing a bell at wallmart for the salvation army so yah, I do my christmas shopping at shops but never tried it online lol, thanks for the idea, the crowds are hectic.

    • Make sure you check out all the cyber Monday deals the Monday after thanksgiving. They have some pretty ridiculous sales online that day

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