Philosophy Class and Bumblebees

So, I like school.

Shocker, I know. But I do…I find it interesting to learn new things and ideas. I’m pretty much up for learning anything – provided that the teacher is good (although biology, history, and geography are not my strong points…but that’s a topic for later discussion).

With that being said, I love philosophy class.

I have never in my life taken a philosophy class, and the closest I’ve ever come to anything regarding that area of learning was some logic in math class. The basics. So this semester I ended up taking an ancient philosophy class (the lesser of two evils – my other option was economics I think, and I was NOT about to take THAT…plus, ancient philosophy is all about the dudes who founded tons of science, math, and physics stuff, so I was like, why not…). I surprisingly love it – partially because it uses a lot of logic, partially because our teacher is awesome and hilarious, but mostly because of the dynamic of the class (which I think I’ll post later about my fellow classmates…I seriously wish I could record class sometimes).

Recently we talked about the argument of “The Unmoved Mover” which is a cool argument considering it’s pretty much an argument for God (which if you’d like to dig into it, I’ll let Wiki explain it for ya: ). But it reminded me of the first day of class. On the first day our professor asked us a question: say there was a magic Genie (this is what I always think of when people mention Genies: ), and instead of granting you 3 wishes, he grants you 3 answers to any three questions. So, I started thinking of questions like, “Why do we get hiccups?” and “How are bumblebees able to fly?” and “TELL ME MY FUTURE MUHAHAHAH!!” Intelligent questions like that. You know what the rest of the class starts asking? “Is there a God” which turned to “what is the Nature of God” which then eventually turned to something like “what is the nature of space-time and it’s effects on human nature blah blah blah, <insert some really intelligent quantum physics here>?” And for some reason this kind of took me off guard. I never even thought of asking those questions because I already KNOW that there is a God, and generally speaking His nature. I think one of my biggest problems is that I forget what life for people who aren’t saved is like. I forget that it really is a dark and lonely place where you really don’t know. I don’t need to ask a Genie to know.

It also reminded me of what we were talking about in church a couple of weeks ago. The title of the message was “I Don’t Believe In Atheism”, and basically we talked a lot about how there is a part of everyone that knows there is a God ( ) – after all, people don’t make groups about disbelieving the Easter bunny or Santa Clause (sorry to anyone just now finding that out… :P). All these people in my class were wanting to know if what they were believing was really real…Nirvana, Atheism…whatever it is. They wanted to know because they didn’t truly know. At the same time there a lot of Christians who don’t really know that God is really real either. And I think I forget that too.

What do you think? Lemme know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Philosophy Class and Bumblebees

  1. I like school too it is fun learning about different things 🙂 I like History, reading, I dont like math much hehe I dont get the hang of it 🙁

  2. Me too, have you read the Narnia series? those are my favorite series so far they rock, I love History, whats your favorite class? I love your guys’s show i gives me something to look forward too at the end of the day and reading these blogs are so much fun. I was home schooled from Pre_K through High School now I am on my first year of college and its been a roller coaster ride so far. I was wondering if you guys could do a show on relationships? I have been having problems with some relationships lately.

    • Oh yes the Narnia series is one of my favorites…as far as favorite classes go, I really enjoy art and math-type classes, but in general as long as the teacher is good I like any class…hey! I was also home schooled! Are you talking about romantic relationship or relationships in general? ‘Cause we have some on relationships in general I’m pretty sure.

  3. I am talking about relationships like friendships I am having problems with my friend Melissa and it is bugging me, I love homeschooling, I am homeschooling college now lol its way simplier than campus, we dont have a good college here 🙁

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