To bench or not to bench…

Fall is back, which means football is back, which means in theory I should be happy.  However being a fan of the Miami Dolphins and the NC State Wolfpack, that is not always the case.  But hopefully this season will be different!  With football season back it also means fantasy football is back.  If you have never played fantasy football… good, keep it that way!  For those of you who do play fantasy, you know the added stress it can add to your life.  Continue reading

Hooray for fall!

Autumn is coming to us here in central North Carolina. Well, okay, the temperature for most of this week has been hanging around 90, but we have a day coming up with the forecasted high being…63! I’ll take that as an indication that fall is on its way and run with it. The idea of autumn coming kind of makes me want to burn every pumpkin and apple spice candle in my house and jump up and down and squeal with excitement. Really, I love fall. Continue reading