The End Is Near

As hard as this is to type… summer is almost over.  Every year it seems like summer goes by faster and faster.  So what did I decide to do to try to close this awesome summer on a high note???  I learned to surf.  Now I know some of you are saying, “Nick don’t you think that would have been a better thing to try at the beginning of summer?  Then you would actually have some time to practice.”  Yeah that probably would have a better idea.  Earlier this summer Josh decided he was going to learn to surf and has been working on it all summer.  Yesterday when we went to the beach he asked me if I wanted to give it a shot.  I figured I had nothing to lose (except maybe some face) so I went for it.  After what was probably the shortest surf lesson in the world on the beach, I strapped the board to my ankle and head out into the water.  For a few minutes I floated on the board, watched some other surfers catch some waves, then it was my turn.  The wave I was going to catch was approaching, I started paddling as hard as I could.  Suddenly I felt the wave take the board and start to push it much faster towards the beach.  So now all I needed to do was hop up and I’d be surfing.  I grabbed my board and pushed myself up.  My feet landed on the board, I caught my balance and stood up.  It was my first attempt to ride a wave and I was actually standing!!  Now I didn’t stay standing for very long but I was standing haha.  It was such a rush.  I resurfaced from the water, grabbed the board, and headed right back out to try again.  I spent a few hours surfing, spent a lot of time figuring out the best ways to jump off the board, a lot of time learning how to balance myself while sitting on the board, and spent a little bit of time (and by that I mean literally a few seconds) standing on the board.  So it looks like I have a new hobby I’ll have to work on.  The only downside to surfing was that after sitting out in the water bobbing around for a few hours my motion sickness decided to kick in.  I ended up getting out of the water feeling slightly dizzy and slightly sick.  I guess I’ll have to search ways around getting motion sick (hopefully some Dramamine will do the trick).

I have really bad motion sickness.  I can’t ride roller coasters.  If a car is too hot I will get sick.  I can’t read in cars (which I don’t really mind because I don’t really like reading).  So on this note, and since I noticed both the other OLUers included this in their blogs, I guess I’ll join the bandwagon and give you some random facts about me.

1.  I get motion sick real easy (which you now already knew).
2.  I don’t like to read books, I don’t have the attention span for it.  I’d rather just wait for the movie.  And you can tell me all you want that the books are better, but my philosophy is that if you just watch the movie it doesn’t really matter haha.
3.  Most people would probably rather not know where I am when I play words against them in Words with Friends.
4.  I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan.  You may already know that if you have been a fan since season 1 and keep up with our blogs.
5.  I check’s daily deals every day.  I hardly ever get them, but the few times I have they have been amazing deals!
6.  I (just like Erica) really enjoy corny jokes.  In fact there was a night where a group of us at her house spent over 2 hours looking up and telling corny jokes.
7.  I was born in New Jersey.  However, I act nothing like the people on Jersey Shore.
8.  I am a sucker for songs with a good bass line.
9.  I usually start the night sleeping on my right side.
10.  Even though I don’t like to read, I love to write.  I have dreams of publishing a book some day.

Now that you know me a little better, you can leave comments with random facts about you and let us learn a little bit about you!!

6 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. Hey Nick hehe congratulations on the surfing, I want to learn how someday but my mom probably wont let me, becuase we watched Soul Surfer, :p lol ok some things about me, 1. I love to read, 2. I like to learn to draw stuff so I try to draw what I see. 3. I like taking pictures and pics of animals. 4. I work with kids all the time, so people call me a Kid magnet becuase the kids run to me and its relaly funny. 5. I like to watch movies. 6. I don’t get college, jk!

    • I did think of the movie Soul Surfer when I got on the board.. but I just decided if I saw a shark I’d punch it in the face

      • hehe yah that would work if you do punch then try punching it in the nose or in the face, then it will go away I learned that from some show on animal planet, 🙂

  2. Congrats on the surfing! I would love to try surfing someday! There is random fact #1 I want to try surfing! #2 If capitalize every other letter in my name it spells cute. #3 I love random useless facts, for example: France contains the greatest length of paved roads. #4 I LOVE music, my favorite bands are KJ-52 & Thousand Foot Krutch. #5 I will start reading a book get 1/3 of the way through and get bored of it so I stop reading, unless it is a really good book. Oh and BTW I agree on your movie/book philosophy!

    • If I capitalized every other letter in my name you would get NCOA but if you use my last name it would spell SIDE.. so maybe I’ll start doing it with my last name. Although it won’t be cute like yours (random fact #11 – I love cheesy puns).

      • Haha yeah SIDE is kinda cool, but IDK about NCOA. Although I guess you could be secretive that way. Sign stuff NCOA and then nobody will know who it is! LoL I just watched Sherlock Holmes… my mind is still in a detective phase! LoL Oh and BTW Random fact #6 I love cheesy puns as well.

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