This summer for our missions trip, we went to…PERU!  Watching TVoneLife, you’ve probably seen our missions commercial.  As cool as the promo makes the trip look, actually going on the trip is waaaaaay cooler.

 While in Peru, we did an evangelistic drama called “The Kingdom” in schools, parks, street corners…basically anywhere there were people and space.  We would do an altar call after the drama and pray with people who wanted to accept Christ.  Then for everyone else who didn’t come up to pray, the rest of the team would go out and witness and minister to them.

I’ve been on quite a few missions trips, but the thing God was really talking to me about before going to Peru this summer was that I needed to expect Him to move.  And I needed to expect Him to use me.  Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works…” (John 14:12).  I used to look at this verse as if it said, “You might be able to do the same works and greater works as me if you’re really spiritual” or “Some of you very few chosen people will do greater works.”  I didn’t really think it applied to me personally or really even to the majority of Christians.  I mean, maybe the pastor or someone who’s really spiritually mature and has been saved a loooooong time could do things like Jesus did, but not me.

In the last couple of years and on this recent trip to Peru, I’ve seen people get saved, healed, and set free.  I’ve seen people move in the gifts of the Spirit, prophesying and giving words of wisdom and knowledge.  And God has used me to do some of those things.  I wonder what it would be like if all Christians really expected God to do the things He says He can (and wants to) do.  How many people would be saved because we expect God to soften their heart and so we witness to them?  How many people would be healed because we expect God to touch their bodies and so we lay hands on them?  How many lives would be changed because we expect God to speak through us and so we open our mouths and prophesy? 

What would it be like if we increased our faith and expectation and really allowed God to do the things that Jesus did—through us…or even greater things?

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  1. that sounds awsome, its cool when God talks to you and tells you stuff, 🙂 I have never been on a missions trip so I wouldnt know how awsome it is but I like hearing about differnt peoples trips they have gone on.

    • I like hearing about other people’s trips too. It’s encouraging to see and hear what God is doing around the world!

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