Hello all! It’s Faith here. As I was trying to think of what I could write about, I decided to kick things off by telling you guys a little about myself.

Even though this is the first time I’ve ever really been on the camera, I have actually been working with TVOL for all the past seasons. Only most of the stuff I do ya’ll don’t see…like off-line editing ( I love TV and film, which is what I’m currently going to school for – TVOL being a huge part of it. I am somewhat (mostly) a nerd a heart, so most of my favorite movies and TV shows have the word “star” in it (Star Wars and Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis…NOT Stargate Universe!!), however I have a strange affinity toward animated movies (like Finding Nemo and The Emperor’s New Groove).

Another big part of my life is music. I love music, and (for the most part) only Christian music. It has been a fight by many people over many years on whether Christians should or shouldn’t listen to secular music. What I think? I think it’s a personal decision. For me, it’s just something I feel is wrong FOR ME…not for everyone. But at the same time it’s not the best idea to surround yourself with bad influences. But I’m sure you guys will be seeing more about music. 😛

So this will be concluding the very first blog post. So hi, my name is Faith!

If you have any ideas or questions, comment below!

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  1. Hello Faith! I Love music too, and I agree with ou on the Christians listening to secular music thing. I think its a personal choice. I don’t really listen to secular music just because I don’t want to fill my head with what the world thinks is right. But thats just me! 🙂 Looking forward to more posts!

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