The new face

As you’ve been watching season 3, you might be noticing some new faces.  As one of the newbies (except for my very brief stint on season 1), I thought I’d give you guys a few fun facts about me.

Things I like:

  1. Corny jokes.  Here’s one: Q: Why don’t oysters give to charity? (drumroll…) A: Cause they’re shellfish!  Get it?
  2. Running.  Or more specifically, the feeling you get when you finally get to stop running.
  3. Ducklings.  SO CUTE.
  4. The colorful leaves in fall.
  5.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Not the green stuff, but the real, natural (looking) white ice cream with dark chocolate chips.

Things I don’t like.

  1. Moths.  Many people have tried, unsuccessfully, to tell me that moths are just like butterflies.  No way.  Butterflies are pretty and they float gracefully through the air.  Moths are just icky.
  2. Tomatoes.  I’ve grown to like most of the foods that I didn’t like as a kid, but not tomatoes.  Still don’t like ‘em.
  3. Staying up late.  Or getting up early.  Maybe I should have written “Sleep” on the list of things I like.
  4. Velvet.  If you rub it one way, it’s fine, but the opposite way gives me the same feeling as scratching a chalkboard.
  5. Beets.  You know, the dark red vegetable?  My parents used to try to trick me into eating them by telling me they taste like candy.

So there’s some very important information about me.  How about you guys?  Leave us some comments and let us get to know you!

4 thoughts on “The new face

  1. Cool! I like all the same things you like! I don’t like moths. Love tomatoes! I love staying up late but only if I can sleep in! So I like sleep too! Beets are gross! Lol 😀

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