The sounds of summer

The sounds of summer: birds singing (off key), thunderstorms forming in the distance (EVERYDAY), school-kids running across the street (very unsafe I must add), leaf blowers in the early morning (no regard for people who get to finally sleep in), and most importantly, crowds of people gathering to witness the incredible TVOL crew roaming the streets of North Carolina, desperately screaming and clawing their way to the front of the crowd in hopes of getting on the show! You just haven’t experienced summer until you can check these items off your list.

However, if you can’t seem to find the TVOL crew (sometimes they’re sneaky and they run off to goat farms to hide…) then browse the internet and watch some clips of previously aired shows. Or toss in your favorite disc from season 1 or 2 and enjoy some full length shows. OR BETTER YET…go buy the dvd’s, THEN watch!!

I don’t know about everyone out there, but I like my summers to be relaxing, yet entertaining…so my goal for the summer is to build an 8ft tall sand castle, complete with flags, a moat, drawbridge, and even an apple orchard out front (all made of sand…naturally), and then run as fast as I can and tackle it!! Now I know what you’re thinking…that doesn’t sound relaxing (and you’re right) but it will be EXTREMELY entertaining, so that more than makes up for it. Now my challenge to you…build one of your own (the bigger the better) then find the most outrageous way to destroy it, and send us a video! Then once the summer days are over…we can all spend the fall watching our sand castle destruction videos…and TVOneLife šŸ™‚