Band interviews

So I’ve been watching some band interviews lately, and let me begin by saying….the ‘trick question’ is awesome. I’m not sure how interviews normally go for bands, but I’m sure they’re nothing like a TVOneLife interview. Their reactions are great once they realize that it’s not a typical interview. The random questions are always fun (probably because Nick and I came up with a lot of them) and again…I love watching them think soooo hard to answer the final “in 5 words summarize this…..”

With that, I enjoyed some comments from the Jars of Clay interview that I watched just last week. He was getting at an interesting point, that in our Christian walk, our points of weakness actually represent strength. What he was getting at is that showing humility and brokenness in various areas in our life takes great strength in Christ. One of my favorite passages in the bible is in 2 Corinthians when God reminds Paul that His strength is made perfect in weakness. So our weakest points are where we can rely the most heavily on God, and His power can really take over. This is encouraging news for me, because I have a lot of weaknesses (as most of you probably have noticed)!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the spring and keeping an eye on TVOneLife’s youtube site, facebook, and twitter….maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a sneak peak of season 3. If can always enjoy some classics from season 1 and 2 still!!!