Band interviews

So I’ve been watching some band interviews lately, and let me begin by saying….the ‘trick question’ is awesome. I’m not sure how interviews normally go for bands, but I’m sure they’re nothing like a TVOneLife interview. Their reactions are great once they realize that it’s not a typical interview. The random questions are always fun (probably because Nick and I came up with a lot of them) and again…I love watching them think soooo hard to answer the final “in 5 words summarize this…..” Continue reading

10 years

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of me giving my life to Jesus Christ!!!! I have been serving God for 10 years now; seems like it was just yesterday. It has been one crazy ride!! If you asked me 10 years ago what the next 10 years of my life would look like, I would have never guessed almost anything I have done. Continue reading