Alternatives to your boredom

So now school is back in session, and I get it, everyone is doing their school work, or fueling your recently acquired addiction to aaaanything other than school work. So with this month of confusing decisions (to finish the hw, or not to finish the hw) I bring to you 3 brand new, fresh, out of the box, healthy alternatives to the boredom you may face while procrastinating…

  1. create a timeless snack classic: “ants on a log” (you know…the celery with peanut butter, complete with the tiny little raisins crawling along the top…delicious)
  2. roll your spare change and take it to the bank…you’d be surprised how much value all those coins have buried in your couch, old jeans, and in the bottom of the freezer (I made $45 last time I tried this one!!) then go onto and make a donation..of course..
  3. lace your shoes backwards: everyone is looking for the latest fashion trends, well let me tell you, tying your shoes up by your toes instead…so not cool… BUT, sometime in the next 6 months it will be, trust me…I’m calling it. Get ahead of the game!

Now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention watching tvonelife as one of my 3 suggestions, that’s because I assumed you were already addicted to watching the show. If you aren’t, do that first! Then get a friend hooked too! Then email us about your story!